About Our Beef

At 34 Mayfair, we serve only the very best cuts of beef, selected from breeders around the world for taste, texture and all-round quality.

Bridge of Allan, Scotland

The history of Scottish farming can be traced back as far as 4000 BC. Beef farming takes place throughout Scotland, but is particularly common in the north-east and south-west of the country, where Bridge of Allan nestles just east of the Trossachs. Throughout the summer the cattle, which include Black and Red Angus, Hereford, Limousin, Black Hereford and Charolais, graze in open fields and are then silage-fed in the winter. The beef is hung for 28-30 days: two weeks with Scotch Beef, who grade and label it, then two weeks with 34 Mayfair’s meat supplier, Billfields, who work with our chefs to choose the best cuts for the restaurant.

Creekstone Farms, USA

Established in 1995, Creekstone Farms provide superior beef products from largely Black Angus cattle and have become known as the gold standard in their field. Running one of the few branded programmes certified by the USDA, Creekstone Farms process only the finest premium Black Angus beef born and bred in the USA, supporting local farms and ensuring that the most rigid food safety standards are met. From birth to processing, the animals are handled compassionately and humanely, grazing on lush pasture in the Midwest of the United States for the majority of their lives. Prior to processing in facilities designed by Dr Temple Grandin, the leading designer of livestock-handling facilities with animal welfare in mind, each animal is fed a high-quality, corn-based feed that enhances meat tenderness and flavour.

Snake River Farms & Double R Ranch, USA

Snake River Farms and Double R Ranch are part of Agri Beef Co., a family owned and operated business dedicated to producing the highest quality beef and pork in the United States. Founded in 1968 by Robert Rebholtz, Sr., Agri Beef started as a ranching and feeding operation and grown to incorporate every step of the beef lifecycle which includes ranching, cattle feeding, animal nutrition, beef processing, marketing and sales. This comprehensive approach ensures the products are the best available.

Snake River Farms Wagyu/Angus cross cattle are raised along the high plain of the Snake River in Eastern Idaho. Their proprietary herd is one of the most highly regarded groups of American Wagyu cattle in the world. They have adopted many aspects of the heritage-steeped Japanese feeding method which takes up to four times longer than traditional U.S. cattle production methods. The result is stunningly beautiful beef that’s extremely tender, intensely flavorful, and a one of a kind dining experience.