Open every day for lunch and dinner, weekend brunch and Friday evening jazz, 34 Mayfair is always ready to greet guests with a welcoming smile. The rhythm and pace of the restaurant shifts over the course of the day, as business lunches give way to leisurely rendezvous with friends, romantic dinners and family gatherings. Each guest is accommodated, every detail is considered, and a spirit of openness and inclusion is extended to all. It is a place to meet and talk, to relax and reconnect, and of course, to enjoy an exceptional meal accompanied by fine wine and exquisite cocktails.

34 Mayfair’s inclusive, open spirit extends to our family of kitchen staff, whose passion and creativity contribute to the dynamic modern menu. Dishes encompass a cooking pot of global influences, from Japanese sashimi and Korean spiced stone bass to the closer-to-home comforts of Dorset crab and rotisserie chicken. Like a gathering of extended kin, all the different flavours and characters meld together perfectly, under the inspired supervision of head chef John Edwards.

In summer, the sash windows of 34 Mayfair are flung open to let the sunshine in, creating a dynamic dialogue between dining room and terrace. In winter, the restaurant is decked out in Christmas splendour, an uplifting gift to our cherished neighbourhood and an invitation to friends old and new to join us at 34 – your Mayfair local.